Total investment platform basis on Real Asset

RAN Project is a Real Asset NFT blockchain project that will allow investors access to a variety of real estates and properties owning full or parts of these assets through fractional ownership and be part of the ever-growing real estate industry.

The Current Problems

Problems With Traditional Real Estates and Property Management.

Little or no transparency
  • Most real estate agents do not act in the client's best interest, it’s always a tedious task to search for an agent who will act in the best interest of the client without putting commission first.
Property data safety issues
  • Third-party property listing sites tend to charge high subscription fees whereas property data stored on their centralized server is prone to hack and not safe.
Rising issues with fraud / scam
  • So many people get scammed trying to buy/sell properties either from fake agents or direct dealings. Difficulty in negotiating a contract due to high fees/commission from traditional middleman (broker)
Other problems include
  • Paper property documentation system used in many real estate transactions is outdated. Limited or no accessibility to average investors.

The RAN Solution

RAN Project platform adopts blockchain technology to curb safety problems by allowing listing on an immutable decentralized network, unlike Third-party property listing sites. Data stored in the blocks are highly encrypted giving high levels of safety assurance to property buyers and sellers.

Cross border solution

RAN Project makes it easy for average and accredited investors in various locations worldwide to easily invest in Real Estate.

Fraud Reduction

RAN Project will ensure scam-free transactions between buyers and sellers.

Fair commission fees

RAN Project ensures high commission is not the cause of failed negotiations by implementing fair commission fees.


Using a blockchain is cryptographically secure - Data stored in the blocks are highly encrypted giving high levels of safety.

High liquidity

RAN, Interchangeable with BTC, ETH, other currencies


The system removes the need for intermediaries and thus lowers transaction costs

How It Works

RAN Project, it is much easier to transfer 100% property rights for a real estate asset via blockchain without triggering the securities law violation. Here is how a real estate NFT sale could work.

Legal preparation

For the sale of a property as an NFT

NFT Minted

The NFT is proof of ownership, Legally.

NFT marketplace

For sale on real estate NFT-focused marketplace

NFT Transferred

the NFT is transferred to a wallet controlled by the buyer

RAN Mobile

  • You can easily trade real estate worldwide without paying expensive brokerage fees.
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Wallet aggregation
  • Professional Network
  • No more expensive fees

Token Economy

RANP Token Distribution


ERC-20 (Ethereum BlockChain)

Total Number of tokens

10,000,000,000 RANP


RANP (Real Asset NFT Plus Token)

Power Team

RAN Project Team With over 20years of experience in Real estate, property management and Blockchain development our team of professionals deliver solutions to property management and acquisition using Blockchain technology.






1Q, 2022

Release of RAN Project White Paper V1.0
Securing assets for field visits to Cambodia in emerging markets

2Q, 2022

Issuance of RANP token ERC-20
Private round airdrop

3Q, 2022

Listed on the global exchange RANP token
global grand marketing

4Q, 2022

Additional listing on global exchanges
Real estate digital NFT asset exchange V1.0 development

2023. 1st Half

Listed 3 additional RANP tokens on the global exchange
RAN digital asset rental management service DApp development
Registered over 1,000 real estate.

2023. 2nd Half

launched a commercial real estate information system
Completed entry into three ASEAN countries
Additional listing on global exchanges


RAN Metaverse real estate transaction system launched
Completed entry into real estate asset markets in 5 Asian countries


RAN digital asset diversification and market expansion.
Achieved 5 trillion won in virtual real estate sales.
Real Asset automatic trading system.


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